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When a person commits a DUI or certain traffic offenses in Illinois, that person can lose his or her driver’s license for a period of time. Referred to as driver’s license suspension or revocation, the duration of this period changes based on the circumstances of the offense. In order to regain driving privileges, the offender must adhere to all legal requirements, such as substance abuse education or testing, and pay the necessary reinstatement fees.

How can a Person Regain Driving Privileges in Illinois?

After completing all legal requirements, the offender becomes eligible for driver’s license reinstatement, but the offender must pay all of the necessary reinstatement fees first. Otherwise, that person will not be able to regain their driving privileges.

If the offender goes to a DMV facility to pay the reinstatement fees, they will leave with a temporary driver’s license. This temporary license is valid for a 90-day period and serves as official identification.

Is it Possible to Pay Reinstatement Fees Online in Illinois?

For a limited number of traffic offenses, it is possible to pay the necessary reinstatement fees through an online portal. This ability is limited to:

  • Discretionary, Traffic-Related Suspensions ($70 fee);
  • Driver’s License Revocations ($500 fee);
  • Failure to Appear in Court Suspensions ($70 fee);
  • Family Responsibility Suspensions ($70 fee);
  • Field Sobriety Suspensions ($250 to $500 fee);
  • Mandatory Insurance Conviction Driver’s License Suspensions ($100 fee);
  • Parking/Tollway/Automated Traffic Suspensions ($70 fee);
  • Solicitation of Towing Suspensions ($100 fee);
  • Statutory Summary Suspensions ($250 to $500 fee);
  • Uninsured Accident Administrative Suspensions ($70 fee);
  • Uninsured Accident Court Ordered Suspensions ($70 fee); and
  • Zero Tolerance Suspensions ($70 fee).

What is the Online Payment Process for Illinois Reinstatement Fees?

In Illinois, eligible offenders can access an online portal to pay their reinstatement fees. After connecting to the online portal, the offender must enter certain personal information, such as driver’s license number, full name, or date of birth. Then the online portal displays the reinstatement fees eligible for online payment, if any.

There are three principal requirements for paying reinstatement fees online in Illinois. The offender must:

  • Owe at least one of the reinstatement fees listed above;
  • Use a major credit card, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express; and
  • Accept a 2.35% credit card processing fee with a minimum of $1.00.

Assuming the offender meets the requirements above, then they will receive an electronic receipt of payment via email.

Do You Need Legal Help?

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