Mar 16

A 40-year-old woman received a one-month sentence for drug crimes committed while serving as a sheriff’s deputy in Kane County, Illinois, according to an article by the Daily Herald.

Illinois State Police officers began investigating the Kane County woman in 2015. At that time, the officers received information alleging that the woman was diverting seized prescription drugs that were destined for the sheriff’s evidence locker.

In order to verify this allegation, Illinois State Police officers planted marked packages of prescription drugs in a dropbox at the Pingree Grove Police Department. The officers also established video surveillance to track the marked pharmaceuticals.

Law enforcement monitored the pharmaceuticals for approximately two days, but the officers did not observe the marked drugs moving from the dropbox to the sheriff’s evidence locker. A search of the evidence locker did not turn up the marked pharmaceuticals, either.

Illinois State Police then obtained a search warrant for the woman’s home. After searching the woman’s home, officers seized between 2,000 and 3,000 prescription pills. The seizure led authorities to indict the woman in April of 2015.

The woman initially faced a felony charge for possession of a controlled substance, which included a potential three-year stint in prison. After reaching a plea deal, the prosecution dropped the charge to a misdemeanor offense for attempted possession of a controlled substance. The misdemeanor offense carried a maximum prison sentence of one year.

During the resulting criminal trial, the woman entered what is referred to as an “Alford plea.” Essentially, the woman acknowledged the strength of the prosecution’s case and accepted the resulting punishment. The woman did not have to admit guilt and, thus, can continue to assert her innocence.

At the conclusion of the criminal trial, a Lake County judge ordered the woman to serve 30 days in jail. The judge also stayed 23 days of the sentence and gave the woman credit for nine days already served in jail. As a result, the woman’s jail sentence is basically complete.

In addition to 30 days in jail, the judge imposed a $2,500 fine and 12 months of probation. While on probation, the woman will have to submit to random testing for alcohol or drug consumption. The woman will also have to complete a treatment program for alcohol and drugs.

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