Aggravated DUI Lands Illinois Man in Prison

A Fairmont man received a five-year prison sentenced for aggravated DUI, after causing the death of a young woman last year, according to an article by The News-Gazette. The man was driving near the Vermilion-Edgar County line when he veered off the road to avoid an animal. The man overcorrected when roadside gravel caused the vehicle to slide. At that point, the vehicle flipped over and smashed into a utility pole.

The young woman was a passenger in the middle-front seat, wearing only a lap safety belt. She was ejected from the vehicle on impact and later died from her injuries. A second male passenger was treated for minor injuries.

Shortly after the crash, authorities measured the driver’s blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) at 0.12, above the legal limit. Authorities also found beer cans in the driver’s vehicle.

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Illinois DUI Fatalities Beginning to Level Off

After successfully decreasing the number of DUI-related deaths in the state for decades, that trend in Illinois seems to have flattened out, according to an article by the Daily Chronicle. To gain a better understanding of what this means, we need to look at the numbers.

Over the last 30 years, DUI fatalities dropped by approximately 60%. Over the last 15 years, DUI fatalities dropped by approximately 50%. Over the last several years, however, DUI fatalities have stayed constant.

Looking to the latest DUI statistics published by the Illinois Secretary of State, we can see this trend play out over a decade-long period.

    2004: 604 DUI fatalities 2005: 580 DUI fatalities 2006: 594 DUI fatalities 2007: 507 DUI fatalities 2008: 434 DUI fatalities 2010: 354 DUI fatalities 2011: 323 DUI fatalities 2012: 393 DUI fatalities 2013: 389 DUI fatalities 2014: 369 DUI fatalities

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