Breaking Down Illinois DUI Statistics

The Illinois Secretary of State maintains a fact book with important considerations for driving under the influence (DUI), including several detailed statistical breakdowns. Before delving into the details, it is important to note that the statistics below represent 2016 data. The Illinois Secretary of State will update the handbook once 2017 data is available.

Illinois DUI Statistics for Average Offender

The average DUI offender in Illinois is overwhelmingly male, with men representing approximately 75% of total DUIs. The average offender is also 34 years old, with offenders aged 35 or less representing approximately 57% of total DUIs.

Additionally, the average DUI offender in Illinois was arrested:

    Between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.; During a weekend; and With a BAC of 0.16.

Illinois DUI Statistics Based on BAC

Illinois DUIs based on BAC have the following distribution:

    Drivers with a BAC between 0.08 and 0.09 represented approximately 7% of Illinois

Driver Charged in Illinois Aggravated DUI After Fatal Accident

A Texas man faces criminal charges for aggravated DUI in Illinois after killing a woman in a fatal car crash, according to an article by The Southern Illinoisan. The car accident in question occurred on September 18th on Interstate 57 near Franklin County, Illinois. At that time, the Texas man was driving a tractor-trailer on the northbound side of the highway. After crossing over the median, the Texas man smashed into the woman’s passenger vehicle.

The Illinois State Police responded to this accident and conducted the initial investigation. Once the authorities were ready to bring formal criminal charges, officers from Franklin County traveled to Texas on December 10th to arrest the man. The Texas man now faces criminal charges for two counts of aggravated DUI.

To better understand the gravity of this situation, the following sections will explore Illinois laws and penalties for aggravated DUI.

What are [...]

Paying Driver’s License Reinstatement Fees Online in Illinois

Illinois drivers who lose their licenses due to DUI or other traffic offenses may be eligible to pay their reinstatement fees online. Under certain circumstances, drivers can submit the required fees to the Secretary of State and regain driving privileges.

Which Reinstatement Fees are Eligible for Online Payment in Illinois?

The Illinois Secretary of State only accepts online payment for the following types of driver’s license reinstatement fees:

    Traffic Offenses: These suspensions carry a $70 fee and are only available for online payment 10 days before the suspension ends; Court Orders: These suspensions carry a $70 fee and are only available for online payment once the court receives proof of order completion; Child Support: These suspensions carry a $70 fee; Field Sobriety (single offense): These suspensions carry a $250 fee; Field Sobriety (several offenses): These suspensions carry a $500 fee; Mandatory Insurance: These suspensions

Illinois Woman Sustains Life-Threatening Injury in Drunk Driving Incident

A 65-year-old woman from Virden, Illinois, faces criminal charges for driving under the influence (DUI), after losing control and crashing into another vehicle, according to an article by The State Journal-Register. This drunk driving incident occurred at approximately 5:10 p.m. on Illinois Route 4, not far from Alpha Road. At that time, the Virden woman began to swerve and went onto the right shoulder. Then she overcorrected, bringing the vehicle back onto the road and across the center driving line. That is when the Virden woman collided with another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

After the collision, both vehicles eventually came to rest on the west side of Illinois Route 4. First responders arrived and discovered that the Virden woman crashed into a car containing a 73-year-old woman and 4-year-old boy, both from Springfield, Illinois.

First responders rushed both the Virden and Springfield women as well as [...]