Examining Illinois Laws Against and Penalties for Prostitution

Even though prostitution has long-standing history in human societies, it is a criminal offense in the State of Illinois. Any person who commits a sexual act in exchange for anything of value can face serious consequences, including jail time and criminal fines. Though Illinois law does have special considerations for victims of human trafficking and involuntary servitude as well as minor children engaged in prostitution. 


What are the Illinois Laws Against Prostitution?


720 ILCS 5/11-14 establishes the Illinois laws against prostitution. Under this section, a person commits prostitution if they knowingly:

    Offer or agree to perform an act of sexual penetration; or Offer or agree to touch or fondle for the purposes of sexual arousal; and Receive anything of value in consideration for offering or agreeing to perform these acts. 

Illinois law under 720 ILCS 5/11-0.1 provides a specific definition of the term sexual penetration. This term refers [...]

Illinois Corrections Officer Faces Felony Charges for Sexual Misconduct

Allegations of sexual assault led to an investigation and the ultimate arrest of a 30-year-old man serving as an Illinois Department of Corrections officer, according to an article by The Pantagraph


The Illinois State Police began looking into this matter after receiving complaints of sexual misconduct from inmates at the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, Illinois. As a result of those efforts, the authorities arrested the male officer and charged him with custodial sexual misconduct and official misconduct. 


The next steps in the legal case will likely occur in court next month. In the interim, it seems like a great opportunity to review Illinois laws against and penalties for several types of misconduct.


Custodial Sexual Misconduct


720 ILCS 5/11-9.2 provides the Illinois laws governing custodial sexual misconduct. There are two elements to this offense. First, the offender must be an employee of a:

    Penal system;

Bloomington Women Face Felony Charges for Drug and Gun Crimes

Two women from Bloomington, Illinois will face felony charges for drug and weapon crimes, according to an article by The Pantagraph


Local authorities charged both women on Saturday, June 20th, following a police investigating and raid. During a raid of the residence where both women lived, law enforcement discovered cocaine, a firearm, and drug paraphernalia, according to official reports. 


Among the varied criminal charges these women face are:

    Manufacture and delivery of cocaine; Possession of a controlled substance; and Unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.

While the two Illinois women await their July 17th arraignment and further legal proceedings, it seems like an opportune moment to review several Illinois statutes. 


Manufacture and Delivery of Cocaine


Illinois law under 720 ILCS 570/401 makes it unlawful to manufacture or deliver controlled substances, including cocaine. Any person who violates Section 401 can face the following penalties:[...]

Examination of Illinois Laws and Penalties for Fake IDs

Across the State of Illinois, it is illegal to possess or use a fake ID with false information on it. Referred to legally as fraudulent identification cards, criminal offenders use fake IDs for numerous unlawful purposes. Any person who possesses or even attempts to use a fake ID can face criminal punishment under Illinois law. 


What Qualifies as a Fake ID in Illinois?


The Illinois definition of a fake ID appears in 15 ILCS 335/1A. Under this section, a fake ID refers to any identification card with false information that attempts to be authentic. This term can include real identification cards, altered to feature modified information, and fraudulent cards, created to seem like the real thing. 


How Does Illinois Define Crimes Involving Fake IDs?


Illinois law under 15 ILCS 335/14B provides a breakdown of various crimes involving fake IDs. This section makes it unlawful to [...]